‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 Cracks Top 10 Most-Watched Netflix Series Ever With 92 Million Views

Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron’s “A Family Affair” debuted atop the English films list in its opening weekend


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“Bridgerton” Season 3 has officially become one of Netflix’s Top 10 most-watched shows ever.

After debuting its second half on June 13, the third installment has entered the streamer’s most popular English TV list with a viewing boost during the week of June 24, tallying up 91.9 million views to date. With Season 3’s addition, all three seasons of “Bridgerton” currently sit on the most popular TV list, with Season 1 at No. 4 with 113.3 million views and Season 2 at No. 9 with 93.8 million views, right above Season 3.

The romance show’s third installment booted Richard Gadd’s “Baby Reindeer” off the most popular TV list as it sat in the No. 10 spot last week with 86.9 million views. The limited series first entered the most popular list at No. 10 two months after it debuted in April with 84.5 million views logged.

“Bridgerton” Season 3 was also the week’s most-watched English TV series with 6.6 million views, while continuing to boost its previous installments. Season 2 came in fifth place with 2.1 million views and Season 1 took No. 6 with 2 million views, while spin-off series “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story” came in eighth place with 1.8 million views.

In its first week on the streamer, sci-fi series “Supacell” took second place with 6.4 million views while “Worst Roommate Ever” Season 2 came in third place with 5.7 million views and “America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders” took the No. 4 spot on the list with 3.7 million views. Notably, Bryan Cranston-led “Your Honor” Season 1 wedged itself in between the “Bridgerton” buzz at No. 7 with 2 million views.

On the film front, Nicole Kidman, Joey King and Zac Efron’s “A Family Affair” debuted atop the English films list and became the week’s most-watched title after its opening weekend reached 26.8 million views. The comedy was a formidable opponent for Jessica Alba’s “Trigger Warning,” which brought in 26.3 million views in its second week on the platform, down just slightly from the 25.7 million views it scored in its first week.

Elsewhere, Polish comedy “Inheritance” continued its reign on the non-English films list, scoring first place for the second consecutive week with 8.2 million views, while Indian drama “Maharaj” came in the No. 2 spot on the list with 5.3 million views. “Under Paris” took third place in the Top 10 list during its fourth week with 5 million views.


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