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‘Brockmire’ Season 3 Finale: Hank Azaria Needs a Break From ‘This Tornado of S—‘ (Exclusive Video)

There’s even literal poop on his trademark jacket

On Wednesday’s Season 3 finale of “Brockmire,” Hank Azaria’s IFC character is “pretty close” to “the edge,” according to this sneak peek. Yes, again — and it’s only Opening Day.

A very sweaty Jim Brockmire (Azaria) is having a tough start to the new baseball season: Maggie (Christine Woods) dumped the troubled play-by-play announcer mid-marriage proposal, who also (separately) now finds himself without a key sponsor.

In TheWrap’s exclusive preview from the season’s final episode, Brockmire is just trying to decide if he should have his panic attack now, or on-air. Gus (Richard Kind) is not helping ANY of this.

“Are you there Baseball God? It’s me, it’s Jim Brockmire,” as he gets on his knees and prays in our first look. “If you exist, which you probably don’t, can you please, please grant me a respite from this tornado of s— that I find myself in?”

That “tornado of s—” is pretty literal in this case. Yeah, there’s poop on his iconic sport coat.

Watch the video above.

The Season 3 finale airs Wednesday at 10/9 on IFC.