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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s’ Andy Samberg Reflects on Season 1, ‘SNL’ and His Take on Ratings

Just hours before the first finale of his Fox comedy airs, the Golden Globe winner tells TheWrap he’s feeling ”super lucky“

Andy Samberg‘s transition from “Saturday Night Live” to a weekly comedy has certainly worked out well for the actor.

Not only did Fox give “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” an early second season renewal, but critics championed the show. It would go on to win two Golden Globe awards – one for Best Comedy and a Best Actor nod for Samberg. And the show and Samberg seem to be shoo-ins for Emmy nominations in a few months.

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“I’m feeling lucky. Super lucky,” Samberg told TheWrap of the critical praise and awards. “We really love making the show and the fact that people we consider smart and having the same taste as us are liking it is very satisfying.”

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“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” follows a team of detectives and the newly appointed captain of the fictional 99th Precinct of the New York City Police Department in Brooklyn. Samberg plays Jake Peralta, the precinct’s effective but childish detective.

TheWrap: What drew you to this project in the first place?
Andy Samberg: I wanted to work with people I respect creatively and to make people laugh. That is always my goal. I love comedy. I’ve always loved it since I was a little kid. I feel lucky that that’s what I get to do for a living. Anytime I decide to try something, it’s usually based on whether I think someone is going to laugh at this and does it make me laugh.

Chemistry between the cast members didn’t seem to be a problem for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Why do you think that worked out?
When a cast generally gels and gets along off-camera as well as have chemistry on-camera, it’s what you’re always hoping for. Obviously, I think it’s a huge testament to [show creators Daniel Goor and Michael Schur] and Allison Jones, who cast our pilot. They just picked a really good group and tailored it like the best sports teams where everybody has a role, no one’s getting in each other’s way, everybody can kind of score while making each other look good. We have good performers, generous performers who are daring and willing to try things. Everybody’s getting better.

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Why do you think the viewers haven’t followed after the critics and awards? Do you even look at ratings?
I try not to. So much of the discussion about that right now is people are watching it after it airs on DVR, On Demand, iTunes, Hulu and Netflix, potentially. Everyone I know watches stuff after it airs. I think the type of show we are, the type of comedy we’re doing, it feels like it’s that kind of a show. But, obviously we’re all still really new and comedies, especially, can take a while to grab a bigger audience. Sometimes you never do, but the audience you have is the best audience ever.

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How are you taking to the schedule of a weekly comedy?
It took some getting used to. I’ve done a couple movies obviously, so it was close to that in terms of getting up at 5, 6 a.m. most days, which coming from years of stand-up and seven years on ‘SNL,’ it’s not my favorite schedule. If we’re being honest, I prefer to sleep in and work late. But, you also get your weekends off and there’s no Saturday work. I’ve adjusted. It’s less stressful for me, because I’m not in charge of conceiving what we’re shooting every second where at ‘SNL’ you’re in charge of your own destiny. Now, I show up, get handed a great script, act it a bunch of times and maybe pitch new jokes.

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Are there any current plans to appear on “SNL” again?
Not that I know of, but those things come together pretty fast. I’ll never say no. I went out there for [Seth Meyers‘] last show. That was very important to me. I was very flattered that he asked. I’ll always consider ‘SNL’ home and family. It was the most special time in my life and the most pivotal thing in my career was getting hired on that show.