Bruce Jenner eBay Memorabilia Prices Boosted by Diane Sawyer Interview

Cereal boxes and action figures are doing big business

Last Updated: June 2, 2015 @ 5:51 PM

Since Bruce Jenner told ABC’s Diane Sawyer “I am a woman” on April 24, sales of his Olympic memorabilia have soared.

One hot item selling on eBay is┬áthe Wheaties cereal box cover that shows Jenner passing the finish line at the 1976 Olympics. Since Friday, nine boxes have sold, and another is about to go for $265. It’s a huge increase in sales from before the interview, when only 12 boxes were purchased between February 14 and April 22.

In that period, the boxes were also going for a lot less, a maximum of $69.

There have also been increases in sales for Jenner’s action figure, which commemorates his stint at the Olympics as well. Since the sit-down, 65 action figures (some in boxes, some not) have been listed on eBay. One is being sold for $1,250. Before the interview, they were offered for anywhere between $5 and $30.

Other Bruce Jenner memorabilia that are experiencing an all-time selling high right now are his Olympic jersey ($200-$500), his signed running shoes ($7,900) and lithographs ($200).

Last week, ABC aired a two-hour interview with Jenner on “20/20,” in which he elaborated on his life-long struggle of being a woman trapped inside a man’s body. The broadcast pushed the news program to a 15-year ratings high, as TheWrap previously reported.