Bruce Willis Makes for a Very Bearded, Masculine Woman in Pic Tweeted by Daughter (Photo)

You’ve never seen the “Die Hard” star look like this before

Bruce Willis is a badass on the big screen, but just another dad willing to do anything for his children at home.

Willis’ daughter, Scout, celebrated Father’s Day on Sunday by tweeting a vintage photo of the “Die Hard” star in crossdressing daddy action.

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“Creator of 5 daughters,” she tweeted along with the picture (below) of Willis wearing a floral-patterned dress, an orange wig and a necklace.

She also showed off her father’s legendary masculinity by posting a pic in which he is posing shirtless in a bathtub.

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Why? Who knows. But here’s the “man, myth, legend, daddio” in a couple compromising positions:

Bruce Willis Fathers Day 2 Bruce Willis_fathers day