Bryan Cranston Saves Christmas From Bryan Cranston in Stephen Colbert’s ‘Santa Fight’ (Video)

Kids are terrible at writing movies

First, let’s get this out of the way for everybody: Bruce Lee died in 1973. Sorry for the spoiler alert from Stephen Colbert’s kids-pitched Christmas movie, “Santa Fight: Saving the Holiday From Atnas,” but it’ll help save viewers from shock when Bryan Cranston breaks the bad news.

OK, so maybe none of that makes much sense — but it is exactly what one gets when letting kids pitch a holiday film. In a video posted to YouTube on Saturday, the “Late Show” borrowed the minds of eight young children in an attempt to create a new Christmas classic. And with Cranston, Laura Linney, Nick Kroll, Rachel Dratch and John Oliver on board, we nearly got one.

We don’t want to give too much more away for our readers, but the general conceit of the movie is that Santa Claus (Cranston) has an evil twin brother Atnas (“Santa” spell backwards, also played by the “Breaking Bad” alum) who wants to give all the best toys to the kids on the “Naughty” list. Meanwhile, Mrs. Claus (Linney) and the Elves (Dratch and Oliver) are pretty pissed at the good St. Nick — something about Santa always leaving his wife on Christmas Eve, plus the conditions of his workshop. We guess? We’ll be honest, it’s not entirely clear what’s up Noel and Tiny Tinsel’s jingle bells.

Anyway, it all results in a Santa Fight — may the jolliest one win.

Watch the video above, which is packed like Santa’s sack with great callbacks to the brainstorming sesh.

Feature-length, please.