RIP Charlie Murphy: Watch His Classic ‘Chappelle’s Show’ Prince Story (Video)

Actor and stand-up comedian died following battle with leukemia

Stand-up and actor Charlie Murphy died Wednesday following a battle with leukemia, though his impact on comedy will live on.

The older brother of Eddie Murphy made a mark of his own in Hollywood, writing for the big screen and Comedy Central’s “Chappelle’s Show.” His “C! True Hollywood Stories” sketches on Dave Chappelle’s mid-2000s series became instant cult classics, especially the Prince and Rick James installments.

The one featuring Chappelle as the “Purple Rain” singer was particularly amazing, so we invite fans and readers to remember Charlie Murphy in part via the video above.

We’d like to think that the captains of this classic 1985 basketball game are currently drawing sides for a rematch in a far better place. Perhaps the “Shirts” team will take it this time.

Either way, we just hope everyone involved gets some pancakes after.