Charlie Sheen Wants to Guest on ‘Two and a Half Men’ (Video)

Which might be complicated, after his character dies

Charlie Sheen says he plans to watch Monday's season premiere of "Two and Half Men" — the one in which is character is violently killed.

Despite the impending death, and his infamous war of words with "Men" creator Chuck Lorre earlier this year, Sheen also says he actually hopes to make a guest appearance on the sitcom from which he was so publicly fired.

"The potential is there for one amazing guest appearance down the road …" Matt Lauer told Sheen in a Friday morning "Today" show chat.

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"From your mouth," Sheen replied. "Oh, absolutely. Absolutely, if they wanted or needed or thought that was a good idea. I'm completely on board for that. Here's the closure: I'll be in the final episode. Unless I'm really dead … there was no body at the funeral. There was no urn."

Story continues after the video:

We're pretty sure Charlie Harper is good and dead — he's expected to be hit by a subway car, after being possibly pushed by his stalker-turned-wife-turned widow Rose (Melanie Lynskey).

On the other hand, as Bobby Ewing's shower/dream season on "Dallas" and countless soaps have taught us that a TV death is nothing a little creative writing and suspension of disbelief can't remedy.

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Sheen said he's eager to see what happens on the premiere, which airs the same night as his Comedy Central roast.

"I'm also really curious about what happened to me," he said. "Because I don't look at it just as what they're doing forward, I look at it as what I left behind for them to continue, and how they're going to figure all that out. So really, my hat's off to them, if they can pull it off."

He said of his replacement, Ashton Kutcher: "I think he's gonna be great. I think he's got such charisma, great comedic timing, and he's such a handsome young man.