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Colbert Reimagines the Exact ‘Hamilton’ Song You’re Already Humming as a Vaccine Anthem (Video)

Don’t be shocked when your history books don’t mention this

Tuesday’s “The Late Show” kicked off with a short video inspired by a recent team-up between New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and multihyphenate superstar Lin Manuel-Miranda. And guess what, you definitely won’t be surprised by where it goes.

The duo officiated the opening of a new COVID vaccination center in Times Square, which is a symbolic part of the effort to get Broadway back to full strength. Naturally, the “Late Show” clip used that as a jumping off point for a “Hamilton” parody… and we bet $5 million dollars you already know which song from the hit Broadway musical they picked.

Don’t worry, you don’t owe us anything. We’ll just confirm that, yes, the vaccine-inspired song was obviously a parody of “My Shot.” You know, because the vaccine is delivered via a shot. And also, you don’t want to miss your shot because if you do, you won’t develop COVID antibodies.

Watch the clip below, and we’ll post the lyrics underneath it.


I am now goin’ to get my shot
I am now goin’ to get my shot
Hey yo I’m so sick of COVID/can theaters please reopen
I am now goin’ to get my shot

I’ma get a slot on Broadway in Manhattan
And stand in line and wait behind Spongebob and Phantom
And if Aladdin tries to cut me then I’ll give him a magic carpet ride
to his Doom
He’s gonna be in the room where I’m slappin’
I’m an actor of the stage
But take no intermissions
If they’re running low on shots/then I’m willing to audition
Yes I’ve got a monologue
I’m well prepared
I ran it by some of the Elmos/working in Times Square
I’ll cry when I get the Pfizer
My eyes will turn to geysers
Tears might be synthesized
I’m a professional empathizer
I’ve learned the only Tony anyone needs
Is the one named Fauci out to beat the disease
That’s called the C-O-V-I-D-Nineteen
Once they’ve jabbed me
I’ll yell scene

They are now administering my shot
They are now administering my shot
And they loved how I act/I got a callback
So in 28 days I’ll get another shot!