Colin Farrell Teases Just How Intense ‘The Penguin’ Spin-Off Is: ‘Dark as Night’

The “Batman” actor considers his iconic villain makeup to be like a puppet he gets to animate

The Penguin Colin Farrell The Batman

Expect Colin Farrell’s “The Batman” spin-off series “The Penguin” to meet the Robert Pattinson film’s intense energy. In fact, the actor told SiriusXM’s Jess Cagle that the show is “dark as night.”

“We did it over a year because there was that unfortunate and necessary strike in the middle for five or six months, but it was intense,” Farrell said. “It’s dark. The show is dark as night.”

Farrell went on to sing the praises of “The Batman” makeup artist Michael Marino, who was responsible for making him unrecognizable as the classic Batman villain Oswald Cobblepot. Marino returned with Farrell to the limited series to continue his work.

“I’ll be going on the, on the Mike Marino publicity tour,” Farrell noted. “Mike is the gentleman who created, devised, thought up that whole face. I mean, he created the whole character. He created the puppet and I’m the marionette, is the way I think of it, and it feels like an on-the-nose description of what happened. He created this beautiful puppet and I got to animate it and it was a joy.”

The spin-off comes out of Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” film starring Pattinson, and continues the story of crime boss Oz Cobblepot following the events of the 2022 movie. Reeves serves as an executive producer on the show, which was created by Lauren LeFranc.

Starring alongside Farrell are Cristin Milioti (“Fargo,” “Made for Love”) as Sofia Falcone, Clancy Brown (“Billions,” “Dexter: New Blood”) as Salvatore Maroni and Michael Zegen (“Rescue Me,” “Boardwalk Empire”) as Alberto Falcone.

There isn’t an exact date set for the eight-episode series, but expect it to drop sometime this fall.


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