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Conan O’Brien Learns New Home HBO Max Is a ‘Pyramid Scheme’ (Video)

He should be at Diamond level in no time

Conan O’Brien has just four episodes left on TBS now. But with his new, somewhat secretive HBO Max show looming, the “Conan” host will not be leaving the WarnerMedia family.

Even so, and despite his long and successful Turner tenure, O’Brien will have to prove himself to executives at the streaming service. That shouldn’t be much of a problem, fake HBO Max exec Hal Bryan O’Neill (played by Andy Daly) assured the “Late Night” alum on Thursday.

“With your zany sense of humor and people skills, you will be at Diamond level in no time,” he said.

Conan did not know what that meant.

“Once you’re all signed up with the show, you start at Bronze level, right? And then Silver, and then Gold, and then the Platinum level,” O’Neill explained. “Now, only shows that make it to the Platinum level enjoy a fruit basket. How about those pears, ‘Mare of Easttown’? Those are pretty good, right? You earned ‘em!”

He continued: “You get a show, Conan, by giving us your credit card and letting us hold $10,000 for incidentals…”

This was all starting to sound like a bad deal — especially to Conan, who was operating under the impression that HBO Max would be paying him.

O’Brien will also have to get his show to sign up other shows; they each have to sign up four of their own, and so on.

“If you bring in enough shows, Conan, altogether, you get to keep your show,” O’Neill said. “That’s how ‘Entourage’ lasted as long as it did.”

“This just looks like a pyramid scheme!” Conan said.

“No, I don’t see that at all,” O’Neill responded. “I’d say it’s more like an upside-down ice cream cone.”

Watch the video above. Conan’s really not gonna like the door-to-door selling part of the new gig.