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Donald Trump’s Chin Mocked in Hilarious Internet Memes (Photos)

Reddit users took a photo of the president-elect in which he looks to have a double chin and transformed him into everything from an ice cream cone to an elf

The internet is going wild with a picture of Donald Trump, posting various photoshopped pictures of the president-elect in which he has a double chin.

Donald Trump Chin

One picture shows Trump as an ice cream cone, while another depicts him as one of the rocks that James Franco’s character in “127 Hours” climbs on. However, the edited movie poster now reads the title, “35040 Hours — Every Second Sucks.”

According to Politico, Trump had a meeting with about 25 television execs and anchors on Nov. 21, seeking a “cordial” and “productive” relationship with the media. He reportedly complained about the “dishonest media,” singling out CNN and NBC News specifically as “the worst.”

He then complained about NBC using unflattering photos of him. At one point, the media mogul turned to NBC News President Deborah Turness and accused the network of only running ugly photos of him, including “this picture of me,” as he made a face that caused him to have a double chin.

See some of the best Reddit memes below.

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