Fox News’ Top Publicist Barred From Talking to Roger Ailes, Press (Report)

Irena Briganti is considered a close ally of network’s CEO

Last Updated: July 21, 2016 @ 9:32 AM

Infamous Fox News spokesperson Irena Briganti has been prohibited from communicating with Roger Ailes and the press, and could also leave with the embattled network CEO, according to New York magazine.

New York mag’s Gabe Sherman has been out in front of the Ailes story from the beginning and is now citing an “executive briefed on the talks” who says “When Roger leaves, she’s [Briganti] gone.”

Briganti “has been told by 21st Century Fox executives that she is not allowed to communicate with Ailes or the press about his status at the network,” according to the report.

CNN media reporter Brian Stelter mentioned in his “reliable Sources” newsletter that Briganti has been unusually quiet and Fox News communications staff haven’t responded to TheWrap regarding the situation. It’s rare for the usually aggressive Fox News public relations team to suddenly go silent.

Briganti is well known in the media world as an Ailes soldier who leads the aggressive Fox News public relations team. She is extremely private, so much so that Gawker once ran a story titled, “Here is the fourth known photo of Fox News flack Irena Briganti.”

Her departure could indicate that the Murdoch family wants an entire regime change, which would mean Ailes’ successor would probably come from outside the organization as opposed to Ailes’ protege Bill Shine.

Fox News did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.