James Cromwell Removed From New York Event for Protesting Power Plant

Actor was kicked out for allegedly heckling during an award presentation

“The Green Mile” actor James Cromwell was among a duo booted from a Dec. 1 event, when he was allegedly disruptive, protesting a new power plant that hits close to home.

The Warwick, NY resident was kicked out of the Orange County Partnership’s annual event on Tuesday night, when he reportedly heckled the natural gas-fired CPV Valley Energy Center, calling it a dangerous polluter that is threatening the agricultural environment and the people living there.

“The last thing CPV should be doing is getting an award for polluting our Hudson Valley,” Cromwell’s protest partner Pramilla Malick said after being walked away from the Anthony’s Pier 9 banquet hall, according to the Times Herald-Record.

The CPV Valley Energy Center’s new gas-fueled power plant is located in Wawayanda in New Windsor, NY. Cromwell is a well-known activist in the entertainment world.

The evening was one meant to celebrate lots of local business expansion this year — and it still was, said Partnership CEO Maureen Halahan. A day later, Halahan recalled the Wednesday the incident as nothing more than a few odd moments of an otherwise four-hour party.

“I thought it was laughable,” she told the local publication. “I thought it was funny and had nothing to do with the event.”

“It was a little hiccup,” Halahan continued. “I don’t think anyone cared … Nobody booed CPV. There were 650 business people who support programs that turn on the lights in their homes, and the people who crashed the party probably have lights in their homes as well.”

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