Jimi Hendrix Honored With U.S. Postal Stamp

Janis Joplin stamp is due later this year

‘Scuse me while I lick this guy?

The U.S. Postal Service has issued a Forever stamp in honor of legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix, which went onsale Thursday and was dedicated at the SXSW Outdoor Stage at Butler Park in Austin, Texas.

Joseph Corbett, the U.S. Postal Service’s Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President, hailed Hendrix’s eclectic style and far-ranging influence when announcing the stamp.

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The limited edition stamp, designed by artist Rudy Gutierrez, features “a vibrant, colorful design fashioned to evoke the movement and rhythm of the late singer and pay homage to the psychedelic rock era of the 1960s,” the USPS said. In other words, it’s trippy. And possibly a little groovy.

The Hendrix stamp is the first in the postal service’s 2014 Music Icons series, which will include a stamp featuring singer Janis Joplin later this year.

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“Combining influences from rock, modern jazz, soul and the blues with his own innovations, Jimi Hendrix helped found three new genres of music — heavy metal, jazz fusion and funk — and in doing so, left behind an indelible mark on pop music and popular culture generally,” Corbett said, possibly while playing air guitar.

The stamps are available at post offices nationwide, as well as online at usps.com/stamps, eBay’s postal store and by phone at (800) STAMP24.