Jon Stewart and His ‘Daily Show’ Cohosts Provide Some Divine Intervention for Joe Biden: ‘Let It Go’ | Video

“Biden is not going to fall for this,” the Comedy Central host jokes as his costars pop up in religious costumes

Jon Stewart and his costars have a special message for President Joe Biden. Straight from the mouths of gods (yes, plural), the “Daily Show” cast attempted to provide divine intervention ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

In his first appearance after a dismal debate performance, Biden told George Stephanopoulos that his only chance of dropping out of the race is if the “Lord Almighty” himself comes down to tell him.

That’s why on Monday, Desi Lydic introduced Jordan Klepper in a white robe and full beard to speak directly to the current president.

“It’s me, Jon. I am the Lord thy God,” Klepper said, dressed as the Almighty himself. “Creator of the universe, co-star of the Sistine Chapel and author of the New York Times bestseller, ‘The Bible.’”

Stewart remained unconvinced, saying, “Biden’s not gonna fall for this.”

“Have you seen him lately, Jon?” Klepper quickly retorted. “Maybe he’s more of a New Testament guy.”

The cameras then cut to Michael Kosta dressed as Jesus Christ, reporting live from the sidewalk outside of the Capitol. The self-proclaimed “freelance carpenter” said that he, too, was worried that “the Biden campaign could not be resurrected.”

Other godly figures featured in the segment included Black Jesus, Buddha, Thor and even a knockoff Rocket Raccoon.

“Our point is simple, Joe Biden. Sometimes you gotta just let it go,” the raccoon concluded. “Things run out of steam. Take it from us the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”


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