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Justin Bieber, Dancing Old Man in Six Flags Ads: Separated at Birth? (Video)

Biebs and the energetic elder share tastes in eyewear, wardrobe and dance moves, social media notes

While some think that Justin Bieber’s look seen in T-Mobile’s Super Bowl commercial is a cross between James Bond and Clark Kent, people on social media thought of it in a less flattering light — like that of a bald, grinning senior citizen.

The likeness sent busy thumbs racing across iPhones, enough so that the pop star trended on Twitter.

The T-Mobile ad called “Celebration Expert” ended with a tuxedoed and bespectacled Bieber shaking his booty that almost mimicked Six Flags’ geriatric dancer. Judge for yourself.

Here’s Bieber’s T-Mobile spot seen during Sunday’s Super Bowl:

And here’s the 2006 Six Flag commercial:

Super Bowl watchers couldn’t resist the comparison, pointing out not only their similar outfits, but also their similar dance moves.