Twitter Honors Dead Justin Bieber Fan With #RIPBelieberLinda

Many say that Linda was “the best person they ever knew”

Twitter is honoring a Justin Bieber fan named Linda with the hashtag #RIPBelieberLinda in wake of her apparent suicide.

People who knew the girl, and even those who didn’t, are taking to the social media platform to express their grief and shock about the Belieber who had 15,000 followers on Twitter. In addition to the trending hashtag, users are also changing their profile names to pay tribute to Linda.

“I’ll never forget she was honestly such a sweet and down to earth person,” one Twitter user posted.

“This breaks my heart. My sweet love we’ll miss you dearly. Rest is paradise,” wrote another.

Many are also posting about the fact that Linda gave warnings before committing suicide. One Twitter user screen-grabbed a tweet from Linda reading, “Sometimes I seriously want to die. Not because I’m extremely suicidal, but just to see whether people will miss me and realize that I’m gone.”

Someone identified as Linda’s friend used the girl’s Twitter account to share the bad news.

“The autopsy says that she jumped from the building,” the anonymous friend wrote, noting Linda’s parents’ blessing to write the tweets. “The pressure for her was just too much and she couldn’t bear it anymore. We’re terribly sorry.”

Her death is inspiring others to discuss suicide prevention strategies, and some are volunteering to lend an ear to anyone with suicidal thoughts.

Take a look at a sampling of the reaction to the Bieber fan’s death below: