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Kate Winslet Re-Creates Iconic ‘Titanic’ Scene on the Side of a Mountain (Video)

The actress was a guest on Monday night’s episode of ”Running Wild With Bear Grylls“

Kate Winslet felt like she was flying while rappelling off the side of a mountain, so she took a moment to reenact an iconic scene from her 1997 film, “Titanic.”

In Monday’s episode of “Running Wild With Bear Grylls,” Grylls took the Oscar-winning actress on a mountainous adventure.  While the British TV personality waited for her at the bottom of the mountain, Winslet rappelled — not backwards, as usual, but forwards.

Once she got the courage to lean forward and take her hands off the rope, she re-created the scene of the movie in which Jack (Leonardo Dicaprio) and Rose (Winslet) stand at the bow of the boat and share their first kiss.

“Jack! I feel like I’m flying!” Winslet cried, with immense joy.

Grylls responded, “Kate, do you trust me?” 

“You jump, I jump, right?” Winslet said.

Her little reenactment gave her the courage to get down, fast, and while she evidently had fun dangling from the side of the mountain, she still told Grylls to get her “down this f—ing thing!”

Testing her survival skills, the actress had to pass one last test before the episode was over — swim through ice-cold water towards a boat.

“She’s tough, she’s fun, but she’s also so modest, and for me, this has just been a total privilege, and I’m pleased to be able to deliver her safely back to her family in one piece,” said Grylls of his adventure-filled day with the actress.

“Running Wild With Bear Grylls” is a survival skills reality TV series, in which Grylls brings a different celebrity along on his adventures. Celebrities have included Zac Efron, Channing Tatum and Ben Stiller. Season 2 features Kate Hudson, James Marsden and Michael B. Jordan, among others. It airs on NBC.

Watch the video below, and watch the iconic “Titanic” scene above.