Kevin Spacey Does Impressions for Kid Judges on Jimmy Fallon’s Master Class Jr (Video)

“House of Cards” star shows off his mastery of Christopher Walken’s persona

Last Updated: February 24, 2016 @ 11:16 AM

Jimmy Fallon challenged Kevin Spacey to an acting challenge on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show.”

Big mistake.

The two squared off in a game of Master Class Jr., in which they acted out scenes written by kids who were given no more information other than the show title “House of Cards” to work from. A panel of three other kids served as judges.

Before things even got started, the two started comparing their acting accolades. Fallon has a Teen Choice Award sitting somewhere at home. Spacey, meanwhile, has won an Oscar, Golden Globe, and two SAG Awards.

In the first scene, Spacey busted out his spot-on Christopher Walken impression to play a garbageman. In the next, he did his best Johnny Carson.

While the two actors were funny, the best moment of the bit came when one of the kids told Spacey, “I don’t get you.” Spacey laughed and replied, “Well, let me just tell you, you can get in line.”

With the final scene under their belts, Fallon and Spacey left their fates in the kids hands.

Watch the video to find out who the judges thought was the better thespian.

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