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Kimmel Says Trump Would Be a Better President if He’d Just Wear a Coronavirus Mask (Video)

But only because it makes it easier to dub more, uh, presidential-sounding things

On Monday, Jimmy Kimmel really wished Donald Trump would wear a mask to prevent the spread of coronavirus and even suggested it might make him a better president — mainly because it would make it much easier to dub over the things Trump says during his daily press conferences.

During his latest quarantine monologue, Kimmel noted how petulant Trump has been acting during his press conferences, specifically his tendency to fling ad hominem attacks on any reporter who asks him a remotely serious question. After playing one such recent example, Kimmel said “he is right though, they should phrase these questions in a nicer way.”

“Like, Mr. President, why are you doing such an incredible job of screwing this up,” Kimmel then suggested.

Then he got to the masks. “Trump finally broke down and let the White House recommend that people wear masks in public,” but, Kimmel noted, Trump won’t be wearing them himself because he thinks it would look weird to greet leaders from other countries wearing one.

“What is the point of telling people to do something you aren’t doing yourself?” Kimmel continued. “Personally, I would love to see Trump wearing a mask. Maybe then we could re-dub his voice to make him sound like an actual president.”

Then Kimmel rolled out a clip from a recent press conference, only deep faked so it looked like Trump was wearing a mask and saying decidedly un-Trumpean things.

In the clip, we see CNN’s Jim Acosta asking why the U.S. doesn’t have enough masks and other medical equipment. Said fake Trump: “It’s a very simple answer Jim. I ignored warnings from experts, repeatedly, and focused on money instead of human lives. I f—ed up, royally. Great question Jim, you look good. Have you been working out?”

“Better, right? We have a masked singer, why not a masked president,” Kimmel joked.

Watch Kimmel’s whole monologue above.