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Marilyn Manson Reveals Next Movie Character: ‘Kenny Powers Meets Karl Lagerfeld’

The shock rocker is reteaming with director Quentin Dupieux, and you’ll never guess which actor he nicknamed his penis after

Has director Quentin Dupieux found his movie muse in Marilyn Manson?

Manson co-stars in Dupieux’s latest opus “Wrong Cops” and the director has cast the shock rocker as a fashion photographer in an upcoming comedy that has already been shot in secret.

Manson revealed the news, among other things, in a recent interview with LA Weekly to promote “Wrong Cops,” which opens in Los Angeles on Friday and is currently playing in New York.

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Manson plays an emo teenager named David Delores Frank in “Wrong Cops,” but his next collaboration with Dupieux brings a very different challenge for the 44 year-old performer. The “Beautiful People” singer described his next character as “a combination of Kenny Powers and Karl Lagerfeld.”

Powers, of course, is the foul-mouthed protagonist played by Danny McBride on HBO’s “Eastbound and Down,” which Manson recently guest-starred on as a roller-skating waiter. Meanwhile, Lagerfeld is the famous German fashion designer known for his white hair and permanent scowl.

Dupieux is the director of “Rubber,” an absurdist comedy about a killer tire, so the possibilities of what laughs he could wring out of such a crazy character are literally endless.

In an interview with Collider, Dupieux spoke highly of Manson’s acting abilities. “Now I can say he’s a really strong actor because we did something completely different, away from the character of ‘Wrong Cops’ and away from his Manson thing. I wrote a new part for him and he played it with some new inspiration, and it’s amazing. It’s really incredibly good. I can’t talk about it right now because it’s a secret project, but it’s amazing.”

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Manson has actually been in numerous movies over the past 15 years, including “Jawbreaker,” “Party Monster” and David Lynch’s “Lost Highway,” though his best performance can be seen in Asia Argento’s adaptation of “The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things.”

The highlight of Manson’s LA Weekly interview was his nickname for his penis: Michael Shannon — yes, the “angry and powerful” actor who played the villainous General Zod in “Man of Steel.” Manson also revealed that Shia LaBeouf allegedly calls his penis “Richard Dreyfuss.” We don’t think he plagiarized that one from Daniel Clowes.

Manson is represented by CAA.