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Jimmy Kimmel Stumps Pedestrians With Questions From Miss America Pageant (Video)

Winner Betty Cantrell’s Deflategate answer suddenly looks a whole lot better

Jimmy Kimmel decided to see if the average person could answer a question better than Miss America winner Betty Cantrell on Monday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Kimmel sent his team out on the street to ask pedestrians the same questions Miss America contestants had to answer, giving them 20 seconds to answer just like the women have on stage.

The first woman interviewed was asked which woman should appear on the $10 bill. The woman completely froze, unable to think of even a single name.

One man was asked the same question Cantrell got, regarding Tom Brady and Deflategate. It took the man all of two seconds to answer, “I believe he cheated.”

Finally, one unfortunate young man couldn’t quite answer a question about Donald Trump, but was still awarded a sash and a tiara.

Watch the video.