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Netflix’s New Marketing Chief Proves She’s a ‘Bad Ass Boz’ in Surprising Instagram Clip (Video)

Honestly, we should all be partying like this

Sure, you might feel like partying when you land a dope new job, but do you flex like a rap star in front of 300,000 people when you do it? If so, you have something in common with newly minted Netflix Global Chief Marketing Officer Bozoma Saint John, who celebrated the start of the new job earlier this week with an extremely eye-catching Instagram clip that should go down as one of the era’s most enjoyable victory laps.

Posted Monday on her first official day on the job, the clip (set to rapper Saweetie’s 2018 single “Icy Girl”) shows Saint John kicking it in style at a jaw-dropping palatial coastal villa, with multiple wardrobe changes, a faux red carpet walk, plenty of dancing and lots of just lounging around in the sun — often while holding up a book with a dust jacket that reads “Bad Ass Boz.” Great idea Bozoma; we’re definitely getting books with our nickname printed on the cover as soon as we can afford it.

The best parts of the clip, of course, are all those wardrobe swaps. From an incredible seafoam green pantsuit to an Elizabethan dress covered in shiny blue sequins and an enjoyable t-shirt/rainbow pants casual look, it’s as if Saint John brought Hype Williams from 1998 to the future to remind us of what it was like when sunning didn’t come with the threat of pandemic-related death. Honestly, if your title is “chief marketing officer,” this is a damn good way to demonstrate why you got the job.

But don’t take our word for it — watch the clip below:

That said, Saint John’s first week at the job wasn’t all fun and games. She had to deal with an unexpected medical issue this week that, as she told her followers on Instagram on Friday, required emergency surgery. Luckily, she’s recovering nicely, and we hope she gets well soon.

Prior to being hired at Netflix in June, Saint John served as CMO at Endeavor starting in 2018 and, before that, held senior marketing positions at Uber, iTunes, Apple Music and Pepsi.