New ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ Clip: Kristen Stewart Takes a Whiff of Taylor Lautner (Video)

Kristen Stewart follows her nose in new snippet from "Breaking Dawn Part 2"

Apparently, Taylor Lautner doesn't pass the smell test, as far as Kristen Stewart is concerned.

A new clip from the vampire blockbuster-to-be "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2" premiered on MTV on Thursday, featuring a curious olfactory exchange between Stewart and Lautner.

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In the clip, a newly vamp-ified Bella Swan (Stewart) cautions hunky vampire Jacob Black (Lautner) to keep his distance, then sniffs at Black at his urging.

Swan's verdict? "I can see what everyone's been talking about. Jake, you really do stink."

Probably from doing all the crunches he must do to maintain those abs of his.

"Breaking Dawn Part 2" hits the big screen Nov. 16.

In the meantime, take a whiff of what's to come by watching the video.