Oprah Winfrey and Chuck Norris Top Political Endorsement Wish List

Daytime talk queen and tough-guy actor are the most sought-after campaign endorsements in show-biz

At first glance, Oprah Winfrey and Chuck Norris would seem to have little in common. But there is one characteristic that the two share: They're highly desired for their ability to bring in cash and followers for political campaigns.

The daytime talk-show host/media mogul and the bearded martial arts expert/actor top a new list of the most sought-after celebrities in political fund-raising circles. The National Journal polled a pool of Democratic and Republican political insiders, asking them to name three famous folks who bring the most money and voters to campaigns.

The top choice among Democrats was Winfrey, whose support of Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign was very vocal — and, some would argue, instrumental in putting Obama in the White House. Favored by 84 percent of the Democratic insiders polled, Winfrey "brings women and credibility" to a campaign when she grants her endorsement, according to one insider.

Bearded, roundhouse-kicking icon of masculinity Norris, meanwhile, was the top pick for Republicans, drawing 46 percent of the vote in National Journal's poll. Norris — who stumped for Republican candidate Mike Huckabee in the 2008 election, and is rumored to be hiding a third fist under his beard — cements the GOP's status as the "daddy party," according to one Republican insider polled: "No one makes that more apparent than Chuck."

Coming in second on the list were "Born to Run" belter Bruce Springsteen and "Forrest Gump" actor Gary Sinise, for the Democrats and Republicans, respectively.

Read the full results of the Journal's poll here.