‘Parish’ Star Giancarlo Esposito Gets Into a Screaming Match in Charged Episode 2 Clip | Exclusive Video

The next installment of the AMC original premieres Sunday

Prepare to see Giancarlo Esposito’s angry side in the second episode of “Parish.” Gray Parish (Esposito) gets into a screaming match and starts a fight in the upcoming episode of the AMC show, as seen in a new video exclusively obtained by TheWrap.

The clip shows Gray and his longtime friend Colin (Skeet Ulrich) trying to drive a car out of a muddy New Orleans bank. When Colin’s attempts to push the vehicle don’t work, it doesn’t take long before the predicament becomes more personal.

“Man, you never think. You never think ahead for nothing,” an angry Gray says, getting out of the car.

“Oh, this about Cleveland now? Now I get it. That was not my fault, Gray,” Colin fires back. Considering that Episode 1 of the drama ended with a dead body, whatever happened in Cleveland must have been pretty intense to bring out the blame game.

“Cleveland was your mark, right? And he was onto us. And I knew we should have bailed from the top. But no, no, no, no. I had a bad feeling about the whole thing,” Gray yells at his friend. “Seriously man, how many lives have sunk to the bottom of a s–tty lake because of you?”

“Says the man who’s drowning in his own debt,” Colin says. Watch the full clip above.

According to the logline for the episode, “Blood in the Water” follows Gray and Colin as they “clash over a big clean up.” Meanwhile, Gray dodges his family’s growing suspicions about his return to crime and the Tongais start their pursuit of a new business.

The AMC original revolves around Gray Parish, a family man and owner of a luxury car service in New Orleans who gets sucked back into his old criminal ways after an encounter with an old friend. In addition to Esposito and Ulrich, the series stars Zackary Momoh (“The Nevers,” “Doctor Sleep”), Paula Malcomson (“Watchmen,” “Ray Donovan”), Bonnie Mbuli (“Invictus,” “Wallander”), Ivan Mbakop (“Hawkeye,” “Red Notice”), Arica Himmel (“Mixed-ish,” “Black-ish”) and Dax Rey (“The Good Fight,” “Chicago Fire”).

Episode 2 of “Parish” premieres on Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC. It will also be available to stream on AMC+ and ALLBLK.


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