‘9-1-1’ Creator Says Buck’s Big Romantic Moment Has Been in the Works ‘A Long Time’

Tim Minear and actor Oliver Stark break down the 100th episode’s final kiss, and why the firefighter’s love life needed a “slap”

Buck (Oliver Stark) in "9-1-1" (Photo Credit: Disney/Chris Willard)

Note: The following story contains spoilers from “9-1-1” Season 7, Episode 4.

Buck’s big romantic moment in “9-1-1” Season 7 may have been shocking to the firefighter, but for Oliver Stark — the actor behind the fan-favorite character — that wasn’t the case.

“We’ve been headed here for a long time, consciously or not. The threads have been there for some seasons now,” Stark told TheWrap.

The actor noted that he “immediately” loved the idea when series co-creator, showrunner and executive producer Tim Minear called and pitched a plot involving Buck slowly realizing he has a crush on former firefighter and current LAFD Air Operations pilot Tommy (Lou Ferrigno Jr.).

“I have been thinking about this story for a long time,” Minear told TheWrap. “I was kind of bored with the hamster wheel of the relationships [Buck] had been in. His story needed a slap. It needed some something fresh. This felt like it could be important to some people, and it felt like it was right for the character.”

Choosing Tommy as Buck’s new love interest came down to timing and Ferrigno’s charisma. Originally, Lucy was supposed to pilot the helicopter used to rescue Bobby (Peter Krause) and Athena (Angela Bassett) from the cruise ship disaster from the three-part premiere. But because of her role in Fox’s “Rescue: HI-Surf,” Arielle Kebbel was unavailable for the scene. That left Tommy.

“I remembered how much charisma Lou had in the scenes he didn’t have to play an a-shole,” Minear said. Tommy first appeared in “Hen Begins.” During these flashback episodes, Tommy fails to stand up for Chimney (Kenneth Choi) when he’s facing racial discrimination, a moral failing he later learns from.

Minear thought that Buck and Tommy would have good chemistry. Also, because Tommy already exists in this universe, that allowed him to establish a new love interest without having to invent and introduce an entirely new character.

The EP described Tommy as “Buck 3.0.” “Tommy’s a little bit older. He knows more of who he is than he did when he was at the 118. In fact, you will hear a little bit of that in the next episode,” he teased.

Tommy (Louis Ferrigno Jr.) in “9-1-1” (Photo Credit: Disney/Chris Willard)

True to the episode’s title, “Buck, Bothered and Bewildered” shows off a rarely seen side of the character. Instead of the suave heartthrob he typically is, Buck stumbles over his words around Tommy and acts like a fumbling teenager.

“I’ve always had in my head that I wanted a partner for Buck to be someone where it wasn’t easy,” Stark said. “He doesn’t know what these feelings of jealousy might be. He just feels something and it’s unsettling and it’s new.”

There’s another reason why this romance is remarkable. Typically, when a presumably straight film or TV character starts to have romantic feelings for someone of their same sex, that story is accompanied by overplayed scenes of self-doubt and denial. “9-1-1” doesn’t take that route. Buck’s panic never seems to come from the fact his latest crush is on a man. Rather, it’s the intensity of these feelings that makes Buck falter.

“It’s 2024,” Minear explained. “I didn’t want to make it the bravest episode of 1983. That didn’t interest me. But I also want to be honest about it.”

Minear noted that next week’s episode, “You Don’t Know Me,” will be devoid of “soul-searching tropes” or Buck “questioning his masculinity.” Instead, the showrunner tried to take a fresher angle for this particular story.

“It’s more Buck thinking, ‘Well, I’m such a progressive ally. Why am I having trouble being honest with the people around me?’ He’s questioning himself. He feels like a fraud. But it’s got nothing to do with sex shame or something like that,” Minear said. “He opens up conversations and interactions with the people in his life. That’s what I like about this. He’s not siloed off into some love interest story with a character who has nothing to do with the main characters.”

Minear noted that Tommy is currently an important romantic partner for Buck, largely because “it’s sort of the entry-level relationship.” Yet at the same time, he noted that he doesn’t think “anybody’s making wedding plans.”

“It really is a first fling for Buck right now. What that might amount to, only time can tell. But what I’m interested in is not something that’s fraught. I’m interested in something that’s tender and positive,” Minear said.

As exciting as a queer Buck may be to fans, there’s also the question of Eddie (Ryan Guzman), the character a subsection of fans have wanted Buck to date for a while now.

Tommy (Louis Ferrigno Jr.) and Eddie (Ryan Guzman) in “9-1-1” (Photo Credit: Disney/Chris Willard)

“It’s difficult, right? When I say that there have been signs of this coming throughout the years, obviously some of those moments have involved Eddie,” Stark said. “Does that mean I think Buck is in love with or has a crush on Eddie? Not necessarily. We’ll see him start to question things about himself as we go on.”

Minear noted that there are no plans for a Buck and Eddie romance “right now,” but the creator also didn’t completely discredit the relationship.

“I don’t really plan out endgame so much. I let the story organically take me where it wants to go. Also, there are real-world considerations. I don’t do this in a vacuum,” Minear said.

The showrunner repeated a sentiment he’s shared with before: Fans should explore the things they want to see in his show through fan fiction. “I think some people took that as an insult. That’s not what I’m saying,” Minear said. “What I’m saying is you don’t have network notes. You don’t have studio notes. You don’t have to deal with actual flesh and blood actors. You don’t have ratings to consider. You can do whatever you want to do… I encourage that.”

There is one last reason why “Buck, Bothered and Bewildered” is a big deal. The episodes marks the 100th installment for “9-1-1,” which is typically the threshold for a series to enter syndication. When asked how it felt to cross this milestone, Minear admitted that it “doesn’t feel as monumental to me because I’ve got my nose to the grindstone.”

That being said, he is excited to cross over this threshold with ABC. “I don’t want to diss my relationship with Fox. They were great. But ABC has just performed above and beyond in terms of marketing the show and treating it in a way that it’s made everybody excited,” Minear said. “The new partnership, it’s like meeting Tommy in a helicopter.”

“9-1-1” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Episodes are available to stream the day after premiere on Hulu.


100 responses to “‘9-1-1’ Creator Says Buck’s Big Romantic Moment Has Been in the Works ‘A Long Time’”

  1. Mandy Avatar

    I’ve been watching this show since the beginning and I’m truly disgusted with the plot twist of Buck becoming gay. His character is a lover of women, never leaving us bored with his next adventure. I love this show, but I will not watch it anymore. I will cherish the reruns of Buck at his best, chasing women.

    1. GW Avatar

      it’s called bisexual sweetie look it up

    2. Kris Avatar

      No one cares, Mandy

    3. G Avatar

      Being ‘disgusted’ by the presence of a queer person on your screen makes your opinion worth nothing. Incidentally, plenty of people have been bored with Buck’s repetitive relationships with women and don’t consider him ‘at his best’ chasing women. You weird, homophobic loon.

    4. Nancy F Hufstedler Avatar
      Nancy F Hufstedler

      I am so with you, Mandy. That was a total shock. And I will not be watching it anymore.

      1. Snailboat64 Avatar

        Probably for the best.
        You will not be missed.

    5. Zed Avatar

      The show literally opened with a married man telling his wife he was gay and had fallen in love with a man. Queer characters have been a huge part of this show since the beginning.

      The idea that this particular character exploring his sexuality (in a very realistic way) is enough to make you stop watching it is hilarious.
      And he’s not been Buck 1.0, chasing women, since the first season.

    6. Sue Avatar

      Totally agree! I never saw that coming. It just makes no sense to me.

    7. Rob Avatar

      I can agree, but I wouldn’t stop watching because of the change. I was shocked to see that they changed Buck’s usual love interest from a woman to a man. Other than that it’s a good show

    8. Snailboat64 Avatar

      Bisexuals exist. Not everyone has their sexuality figured out right away.
      Also, you are welcome to your opinion, but really no one cares.

    9. Debra Paulk Avatar
      Debra Paulk

      I agree, I gasped when that kiss happened!!! It stinks 

  2. Ronnue Knauer Avatar

    Make Buck gay and I’m GONE!!! I’m sick n tired of this schitt! WHY mess up a good show with good morals???? I’ve tolerated Hen but screw up Buck and I’ll bet the show will end up off the air! What a bunch of Godless perverts!!!

    1. GW Avatar

      don’t let the door hit you on your way out

    2. liz Avatar

      “tolerated hen” just gtfo then

    3. shakchunny Avatar

      this is such a wonderful new direction to take for buck! i’m excited to see it continue 🙂 amazing job well done to the writers, director, and oliver stark 👏

    4. Snailboat64 Avatar

      “Tolerated Hen”?
      I think you have a whole lot more to learn about tolerance.
      Buck coming out as bi has been on the cards since day one. Just because you missed the queer subtext doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.
      Sending you bisexual hugs and kisses. (We could be anywhere…. you obviously can’t read the signs….)

  3. Laura Miller Avatar
    Laura Miller

    Buck as gay and I’m done! I’ve seen this show since Day 1. But now it’s been ruined. Enough is enough. I’ll miss seeing Eddie every week, though.

    1. GW Avatar

      bye!! you won’t be missed!

    2. Sam Avatar

      BISEXUAL, NOT GAY. Get it right, please.

  4. DL Avatar

    I am woman who came out as bisexual later in life. I’ve related to Buck’s character from the beginning: his want to call something his own, to belong, to not solely rely on himself, and not fully know who you are because in an effort to have people stick around, you become whoever it is they need you to be. To say this story arc means so much to me, feels like I am downplaying it, but I truly mean it when I say I saw it with tears in my eyes. Like Tim said, it doesn’t need to be cloaked in shame for it to be effective – mine wasn’t. I accepted my sexuality pretty easily once I was able to confront it, but you ask yourself if this is who you are? what have the last 30 years been about? And so on. Thank you Tim, Oliver, Lou, all the cast and crew, from the writers to PA’s for creating and supporting this story. It will mean so much to so many. And if you lose people from watching, just know you’ll pick up many more along the way.

    1. fuck you Avatar

      Shut the fuck up you lgbtq sympothy bitch honestlydomt care if you relate being a lesbian and finding yur “trueself” is so relatable, the world doesnt evolve around you whore

      1. GW Avatar

        sounds like you’re the one thinking the world revolves around you.
        what, can’t handle the occasional storyline that DOESN’T represent you? now imagine that in reverse…

        also DL said she’s bi, not a lesbian, but nice try at reading comprehension

      2. JR Avatar

        lmao triggered much? snowflake.

      3. DL Avatar

        So let me get this straight (pun fully intended), you got so angry at this episode that you didn’t bother to spell check or review what you wrote to make sure your message came across as something more than belligerent ranting? Maybe check your blood pressure. Surprisingly, even as a bisexual (which you clearly were not able to read) I can care about the health of a bigot.

      4. Snailboat64 Avatar

        Shhhh. Nobody cares.
        You want to know something? There are many bisexuals who don t feel comfortable coming out, especially to people like you. They may never even have a same sex relationship, but guess what? They are still bisexual. You may have even kissed one, which means you have had a bisexual kiss.
        We are everywhere.

    2. liz Avatar


    3. S4ed Avatar

      Thank you for sharing your story and lignite the hideous idiot below, you are valid and you are valued and I’m glad this story has bright you joy. Xxx

      1. S4ed Avatar

        *ignore (I can’t type when I’ve had no sleep!!

    4. Sam Avatar

      I feel exactly the same way, it was done so beautifully and i have never felt more represented about my sexuality. Phenomenal episode, i have never cried so hard!!!

    5. CJ Avatar

      Thank you for sharing your story, and I fully agree im already so excited for the rest of the season and I can’t wait for their story to continue!! 

    6. Tyler Avatar

      Seems like you had a bad day, why did you have to get all angry at a comment that shouldn’t affect you at all, it’s just a show after all. And they said they were bi if you even read their comment right. I dont get why you thought it would be a good idea to even start loosing your shit over a comment about a show, you are a very childish person and I hope you reflect on what you said. And to the person who wrote the comment on what this childish person wrote to you, I think your comment was beautiful. You shouldn’t deserve being hated on what you are and how you can relate to the show. I hope you have a wonderful day or night

    7. Snailboat64 Avatar

      Couldn’t have said it better!
      Honestly thrilled the homophones are removing themselves. They are the ones missing out!

  5. yourmoher Avatar

    Man. Why the fuckkk did they have to make buck gay, I mean just because lgbtq exists doesnt mean this has to happen to support them, ill still be watching the show, but not for long if he stays gay the next season

    1. BiBuckiscanom Avatar

      Hi you might be confused about what show youve been watching. Its been a queer show all along and Buck is bi and its beautiful

  6. yourmoher Avatar

    Man. Why the fuckkk did they have to make buck gay, I mean just because lgbtq exists doesnt mean this has to happen to support them, ill still be watching the show, but not for long if he stays gay the next season l

  7. Frida Avatar

    All of you saying you’re gone now Buck’s confirmed queer, I hope you stick to that! Bye!
    This is such a lovely part of Buck’s story, and a man in his 30’s coming to a realization like this about himself is something we almost never get to see. I’m thanking 9-1-1 from the bottom of my heart for telling this story!

  8. Christian Tuairau Avatar
    Christian Tuairau

    This is getting ridiculous! Why force this in on every show. There are more gay characters on tv than represented in real life. I will keep watching this show, but am sick and tired of being force fed this accept it’s normal and not everyone show needs gay characters added. You already have Hen…

    1. GW Avatar

      maybe the reason you don’t know many gay people is because they avoid you 🙂

    2. Matt Avatar

      Remember when they stopped converting left handed students to be right handed and then there was an uptick in left handed people in the world…you think there is any correlation there or did all new babies born suddenly become left handed??? Just because you don’t see a large group of us doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The LGBTQ+ community is large, alive, and thriving.

  9. Sav Avatar

    Absolutely love the care that Oliver and Tim have taken to give Buck this beautiful story!

    Coming into your sexuality later in life is absolutely something that happens frequently in the real world.

    Look forward to the rest of S7!!! ❤️

  10. Caro Avatar

    This was a wonderful episode, and I’m soooo happy for Buck’s journey!!! Can’t wait for more!

  11. Gee Avatar

    They did that!!!!!!!! 🥹🥹

    So impressed with the care being taken with this storyline, and excited to see where it goes!!!

  12. delightwd bisexual Avatar
    delightwd bisexual

    the gays keep winning frfr and I feel pride in this 911 episode tonight

  13. Morgan Avatar

    This episode meant so much to me!! As someone who is still figuring themselves out, it’s really validating to see a character you love going through the same stuff, especially as an adult.

  14. K Avatar

    Loved this episode and thought they did a wonderful job. Oliver and Tim are approaching this story with such care and consideration and I’m very excited to see how it unfolds. ❤️

  15. kt Avatar

    So happy for Buck!!! It’s been so obvious since the beginning that he could be bi, and now they’re actually going there :’) We love to see it

  16. S4ed Avatar

    The joy I feel at seeing this representation on screen on prime time tv and handled with such love and thoughtfulness cannot be truly expressed with words. Thank you to Oliver, Lou, Tim and everyone who is a part of bringing 911 to our screens it means the world.

  17. Bee Avatar

    Buck being queer and having this slow building arc that grew to this point so naturally is so refreshing and such a privilege to witness in real time. Oliver of course did an incredible job as Buck the way he always does. As fans of the show, we are so lucky to have someone who loves and understands the characters the way he does.

    Bravo, y’all!

  18. Nan Avatar

    Very excited to see Bucks journey. Oliver start did an amazing job in this episode.
    Yes, I was a little confused on the jealously, for a second I was like oh wow they are going there!! 

    Excited for the next ep!!

  19. Christina Avatar

    WOW!!!! OBSESSED!!! Thank you 911 writers, showrunners, and Oliver and Lou for this episode!!!

  20. Maddie Avatar

    LOVED this episode. The Bachelor AND a great new love interest for Buck? I can’t wait for more 

  21. Alexandra Avatar

    As a woman who came out at only 30 and started experimenting with my bisexuality later in life, I feel so seen by this arc. Thank you SO much 9-1-1 and ABC. and Seriously fuck these haters, y’all are so sour and rancid. Go get a heart.

  22. s Avatar

    this was a beautiful episode. I am emotional and overjoyed to see buck’s bisexual story play out. for every hater, remember that there are dozens of queer people celebrating this. for every hater, remember the people who feel that much more seen so they can start THEIR journey discovering themself. thank you so much!

  23. Proud Bi Avatar
    Proud Bi

    Buck is a character I connected with from the start and I am so excited for this next journey of Buck’s. Having a character discover their sexuality later in life that is not explored enough in media. Oliver and all those involved in tonight episode did an amazing job.

  24. Jules Avatar

    What a refreshing take on bisexual rep! The build up to the kiss was absolutely magnificent and the kiss itself and the comedown afterward were so soft and genuine. The writers gave us a compelling storyline, and the cast and crew pulled it off flawlessly. I couldn’t be happier. I am going to lie awake all night thinking about this episode and I will be counting the seconds to next week to see what comes next. Amazing!

  25. Alexandra Avatar

    The writers and Oliver really hit it out of the park with this one, can’t wait to see where it goes. BI BUCK LETS GOOO

  26. N Avatar

    Everyone involved did such an incredible job with this part of Buck’s story. I can’t wait to see what happens next. 

  27. Gracelynn Rogers Avatar
    Gracelynn Rogers

    To see this represented in media is so beautiful. I’ve always identified with Buck, how he’s been a little lost and never really knew where he fit it until later in life, how he’s never felt wanted. And then to see another aspect of myself being portrayed on screen? All these people who are hating this, are just small minded bigots, and they don’t like anything that challenges their world view. Sorry sweeties. But the amount of hatred that you’re spewing means that even if Buck was only into women (which is confirmed that he likes men and women), means that he wouldn’t date you anyway. 

  28. 9114l1f3 Avatar

    I’ve been watching this show since season one and I’m so thrilled to see even more rep! Buck’s never been my favorite character, in a list of awesome character’s this show has he’s just fallen through the cracks, but I find myself actually interested in this story line and can’t wait to see if this is finally his happily ever after!

  29. charlotte Avatar

    Such a beautiful, poignant, moving episode. It’s amazing to see this important arc being handled with such love, care and attention from Oliver and Tim. I personally can’t wait to see more now that Buck is finally “free”.

  30. S Avatar

    This was an AMAZING episode and an amazing arc that had been clearly building for a long time. As someone who also realized I was bisexual when I was older, it meant the absolute world to me, and Oliver hit it out of the park. Just GORGEOUS.

  31. Vicki Avatar

    This was an amazing episode, I’m so excited about this development in Buck’s character. Oliver Stark did an AMAZING job in this episode (always good, but WOW) and the writing was was superb. I love reading articles like these that show the care, consideration and thought that is behind these stories. Much kudos to Tim and Oliver and everyone working on 9-1-1!!

  32. Hannah Avatar

    So happy to see this head canon so many fans (and Oliver himself) have had become canon 💗💜💙.
    Love this journey for Buck and can’t wait to see where it leads!

  33. Bec Avatar

    So exciting to see this episode! This will bring so many new and interesting story opportunities for this character. So nice as well that this has come about so organically over the course of the show that the writers, actor, and fans have all felt like it fitted so well for the character! I think this will bring a lot of new dimension to the character and also a lot of joy to people who might have had a similar journey. I’ve seen so many people so excited about this and with the whole of this season to go plus another season confirmed I can’t wait to see where it goes!

  34. kr_gr Avatar

    this was just such an excellent episode. being able to watch buck on his journey of figuring out how to exist in the world, getting to see him realize that he’s queer in his thirties and it not being a joke that a sitcom is made around? it’s truly a gift.

  35. Chaos Avatar

    this show has brought me so much joy and to see buck evolving into his true self is so so so beautiful!! I know so many people who’d feel represented with this story line!! thankyou oliver and Tim !!

  36. Nancy Avatar

    I am with you, Mandy. I have been watching since the first one. No more! I can’t believe they made Buck gay. I won’t be watching it anymore.

    1. Snailboat64 Avatar

      And I think we’ll cope without you.

  37. Cb Avatar

    I am leaving the show not because Buck is bi, I have family members that are but because the story lines are getting too out there. Like a wave big enough to capsize a ship but all the people in the life boats are fine, really? Now shamelessly promoting another show like it’s the greatest thing on tv

  38. B Avatar

    This means a lot <3

  39. Hawkeye Avatar

    Genuinely thrilled to see Buck’s new storyline develop. They is so much love and care being shown and I’m grateful to Oliver and Tim for taking it seriously.

  40. Guest Avatar

    Watching Buck date a loser like Tommy is a big fat NO. Tim thinks he’s doing something big with this but he literally sank a romantic ship that’s been six years in the making. He’ll use the reaction to Buck and Tommy as a gage so he won’t have to follow Buck’s and Eddie’s story to it’s natural conclusion. They should be together but he wasted years by letting Buck date women who used him and he’s taking the easy route by trapping Eddie in a relationship with a woman who likes her brother more than she likes Eddie. Sick of people saying trust the process and wait it out and this is the road they had to take for Buck and Eddie to be together. Please spare true Buddie shippers the rhetorhic. This was handled poorly and I won’t watch Buck date Tommy because he’s worse than all the women Buck has dated combined. One more thing, Tim knew what he was doing by prereleasng pictures of Buck and Eddie only to blindside Buddie shippers with Buck dating Tommy a guy who wasn’t even remotely interested in him. Buck sure knows how to pick losers doesn’t he? And to do this after the season 8 renewal was announced shows he’ll never let Buck and Eddie be together. I won’t sit through another season of Buck fumbling through a relationship and I won’t watch Buck tell Eddie he’s dating Tommy. Pining is overrated. Good luck I guess because now Tim can try to save his show from getting canceled without those watching who wanted Buddie. Tim you only have yourself to blame so bravo.

    1. JMads Avatar

      9-1-1 will really miss the tens of Buddie shippers who will stop watching.

      1. Guest Avatar

        Try more like hundreds of thousands.

        1. FeelinIt Avatar

          You do realize this makes Buddie way more likely, right?

    2. buckbuckbuck Avatar

      As a loyal buddie shipper, I am SO happy to see Buck dating Tommy. Would I love to see Buddie? Yes! Of course! But most importantly I want to see buck happy & be free & his fullest self. Whether that is with eddie or tommy or ravi or lucy or anyone else! Also, id much rather see buck figure it out with someone else than having a messy relationship with eddie. 

  41. Abby Avatar

    This was a brilliant decision for bisexual Buck. We do get “discovering your sexuality” in younger characters but it’s rare to get that representation in an older character. Plus seeing a well loved long term character of a popular show in this situation, rather than a new character we don’t care about, is so important. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes in future eps.

  42. MM Avatar

    What an amazing journey this will be for Buck! I’m also one of those who came to the realization that I’m bi later in life (even later than Buck :D), so I’m truly delighted to see this playing out on this show, that’s been doing a lot for queer representation on TV since day 1! Well done!!!

  43. Emma Avatar

    I love this new storyline of bisexual Buck that has been opened up. Buck’s life had become very same-same, with him always dating girls and it not turning out great, and this new revelation is bound to lead to some great stories for the cast and crew to bring to us! Thought it was well introduced too, and didn’t feel sudden or out of place.

  44. Helen rago Avatar
    Helen rago

    Please don’t ruin this shoe it’s the best on tv. Stop this woke crap you don’t need all this sexual content male or female to make a show. You probably will end up being cancelled like the rest. Which will be very disappointing. You don’t need sex to sell a show. Kids watch these things and Disney owns channel 7 they should be ashamed of themselves no morals today no respect. Buck is the best and you just ruined him.Shame!!!!

    1. Snailboat64 Avatar

      Your “shoe” is fine.
      The bi vibes from Buck have been there since day one.
      I know the unfamiliar is scary, but representation matters. You were probably expecting just another run of random female characters thrown at Buck until one stuck. We’ve had 6 seasons of that. We’ve also had 6 seasons of hints at Buck’s bisexuality. It’s not something new being shoehorned in.

  45. JT Avatar

    I liked the episode. Buck was as ridiculous as usual, but let’s be honest him being into another guy isn’t exactly out of left field. If you’re mad about the guy being bisexual you really should seek professional help. I think it was great, why can’t big muscle-y guys in big muscle-y professions like other big muscle-y guys? Also how can you claim to be a fan of this show with all LGBTQ+ people they routinely have in it then get get mad at Buck being bisexual?

  46. aebhel Avatar

    I’m so thrilled by this storyline, and by the clear care and attention that went into it from both the actors and the writers. I don’t usually comment on these articles, but seeing some of the truly disgusting homophobia in the earlier comments, I just wanted to add my voice as a bi person who’s been a longtime fan of this show and who is so, so happy and grateful about this arc.

  47. tessa Avatar

    I am so proud and happy with this show, and I’m so impressed that ABC, Tim Minear, and Oliver Stark had the guts to do what they did. This is the first time something like this has happened where a main, traditionally masculine character gets to explore his sexuality so late in the show, and I can’t say enough how incredible that is. I just wanted to say thank you, and I hope you don’t let all the negativity get to you, because I know how much this arc means to me and so many other people. This episode, and this entire season was fantastic, keep doing what you’re doing.

  48. Maria Avatar

    The whole episode was just so much fun. It felt like ealry season good old 911 shenanigans but there was an ease there that we haven’t seen before in the characters that feels for lack of a better word earned. They’ve been through the ringer and they have fought for each other with each other by eacother and it’s so lovely getting to watch them all be silly together.
    The last 5 minutes, the buck and tommy scene, felt like being bathed in sunshine. it was so smooth and so tender and there was such a release of tension in how the scene was filmed and played and just. Absolutely in awe at the levels or respect and care and tenderness and love that resonates not just from the characters for the characters but from the whole creating team who were involved in the crafting and realizing such a beautiful story!
    Thank you so very very much

  49. M Avatar

    I am going to watch the show extra now thank you ABC

  50. Sam Avatar

    This is a great piece of representation and very much needed. 

  51. Jack Avatar

    This was a long time coming. And they handled it with so much care. The whole scene with the kiss was amazing. Especially Bucks reaction afterwards. Olivers acting in this moment was awesome. Can’t wait for the next episode.

    1. Phil Avatar

      Love these characters and am excited to see how this storyline develops! I know I can trust this cast and crew to treat it with love and respect

  52. Gabs Avatar

    To all the folks saying they’re not going to watch anymore because they “turned Buck gay” (which, he’s not, he’s bi): This isn’t an airport. No need to announce your departure.

  53. Guest Avatar

    What a beautifully done episode focusing on such a beautiful and important topic!

  54. List Avatar

    I’m so glad they are allowing Buck to discover himself in such a thoughtful genuine way!

  55. G Avatar

    Buck discovering this about himself is so wonderful and beautiful. It shows that queer discovery happens at any age, and at any stage of life- we saw the aftermath of Michael realizing he’s gay. But seeing Buck discovering that he likes women AND men in real time is special. His queer discovery will bring him so much queer joy!

  56. Grace Avatar

    Buck discovering this about himself is so wonderful and beautiful. It shows that queer discovery happens at any age, and at any stage of life- we saw the aftermath of Michael realizing he’s gay. But seeing Buck discovering that he likes women AND men in real time is special. His queer discovery will bring him so much queer joy!

  57. SWFL Avatar

    This episode meant so much to me. As someone who didn’t settle into my own skin til Buck’s age, I can only imagine what others who struggle with who they are will feel. 

    It’s not turning someone gay. You can’t do that. It’s a beautiful story that deserves to be told. It’s not wrong, it not woke. It’s part of every day life and millions of people will struggle until that one they go “oh!” 

  58. B Avatar

    This episode meant so much to me I really can’t express how amazing it is to see people discovering they’re bi later in life and it just feels so nice to be represented this way especially by one of my all time favourite characters!!!!! I never thought this would happen but it did and in such a wonderful way too!!!!

  59. Snailboat64 Avatar

    And I think we’ll cope without you.

  60. Snailboat64 Avatar

    This was a phenomenal episode, and the culmination of six years of work building the character. The signs were always there! The kiss was beautiful. There is hardly any representation of bisexual men on TV so it’s about damn time!
    All the homophobes switching off? Who cares. Buck’s bisexuality is already drawing in new viewers, dying to see what the fuss is about.
    And as Oliver Stark pointed out… there’s no need to announce your departure. We don’t care.

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