Now You Can Listen to Politico Playbook (Exclusive)

“‘Playbook in 90 Seconds’ is the best of the Playbook newsletter,” co-author Jake Sherman says

Politico’s daily newsletter, Playbook, will be available in audio form starting on Monday, TheWrap has learned.

Amazon Alexa will host “Playbook in 90 Seconds,” giving readers a chance to hear all of the major headlines and tidbits that Playbook co-authors Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer include in the newsletter each morning.

“We want to meet our readers where they are. People love the newsletter, and the newsletter is the centerpiece of the franchise, but people are consuming news everywhere and we need to make sure that we serve them in a way that’s useful to them,” senior writer Sherman told TheWrap. “We don’t want them to have to run to come to us. We want to go to them, where they are.”

Palmer said, “This is about making it easier for Playbookers to get their news on a busy morning whether it be on the walk to work or while on their way to their first breakfast meeting.”

“‘Playbook in 90 Seconds’ is the best of the Playbook newsletter,” Sherman said. “It’s the top stories of the day in a quick, condensed format for readers on the move.”

Sherman and Palmer replaced Mike Allen as Politico Playbook authors back in July. The newsletter still brief readers on “what’s driving the day in Washington,” but doesn’t look exactly the same as Sherman and Palmer have modernized it.

“The news cycle has obviously changed since Playbook was first created, so we want to make sure we win the morning but also own the day,” Palmer told TheWrap when she was named one of Allen’s replacements.