Riot Games’ First Shooter Title ‘Valorant’ Will Launch June 2

“Valorant” will be available for free on PCs, Riot Games says

Riot Games Valorant
Photo: Riot Games Inc.

West LA-based game developer and “League of Legends” creator Riot Games announced Thursday its first-person shooter game “Valorant” will launch June 2.

“When we first announced this game, we set a very ambitious launch date of summer 2020,” executive producer Anna Donlon said in a video Thursday. “We are launching it in a few weeks.”

Lead game designer Joe Ziegler said in the video, “we’ve been wanting to get you this game to help brighten these tough times.” “Valorant” will be the first shooter game Riot Games has developed since it began making video games in 2006.

“Valorant” launched a closed beta version of the game in North America, North America, Russia, Turkey, Europe, Brazil, Latin America and Korea April 7. The beta version will close May 28. Riot said the “Valorant” beta test attracted roughly 3 million players daily across the globe. Views of “Valorant” live streams on Twitch peaked at 1.7 million, ESPN reported the day the beta launched.

The full “Valorant” game will roll out in phases beginning June 2 to North America, South Korea, Europe, Brazil, Japan and Oceania on PCs.

A new character, game mode, and combat map will be released along with the new game, as well as several new weapon designs. Riot confirmed the game will have a battle pass, which players can purchase to get access to extra in-game content and level up weapons and gear.

“We want to thank all of you for coming on this journey with us,” Donlon said. “All of you, even those that are still waiting to play, are the beginnings of a global community of players that we hope to serve for years or maybe even decades to come.”