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Sam Champion Bashes American Airlines After Witnessing ‘Shameful’ Treatment of Passengers

Airline allegedly ”‘swapped’ passengers on a flight they said was too heavy,“ according to weatherman’s tweets

Weatherman Sam Champion blasted American Airlines on Twitter Tuesday for “shameful” behavior, after the airline allegedly “swapped” out people on a plane that was too heavy for a stormy flight.

The Twitter tirade began when the weather anchor was complaining about two flight delays, to which American Airlines soon responded, stating, “We’re sorry for the long travel day and are sending you a DM soon.”

“That won’t work!” Champion tweeted back. “I’ve seen how ur treating people.”

When the airline asked for a private direct message, Champion responded with, “Not looking for special treatment… So let’s talk… What I’ve witnessed is #shameful.”

At the same time, Champion was explaining that the airline kept pulling people off the flight to put other passengers on.

Champion added, “U cant say plane is too heavy 4 safety.. Pull someone with a seat assignment off and put someone else on!! .”

After the airline blamed the delay on “developing weather,” Champion was finally able to get on a plane home.

In a statement to TheWrap, a spokesperson for the airline said, “We were not ‘swapping’ out people at all. This is a small regional jet, and due to weather in the Miami-area, the flight was weight restricted. The aircraft usually holds 50 passengers, but could only hold a maximum of 47 passengers. We had to remove two passengers, who will be compensated for being removed from the flight.”

See the tweets below.