Introducing Showrunner, the AI Platform That Lets You Make Your Own TV Show

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Fable Simulation has a slate of 10 original animated shows you can draw from

Concept art of a family watching Showrunner (Courtesy of Fable Studio)

First came AI’s Sora, which created video stories from voice prompts. Then came Suno, which wrote songs via AI. Now the latest AI platform to test Hollywood’s nerves is a streaming service where fans can use the technology to create an original episode of their favorite animated television show.

The new service, called Showrunner, first demonstrated its AI model by developing nine “South Park” AI episodes, which it released as an 11-minute compilation on X during the WGA strike last July. The post drew 8 million views, opening the door to meetings with Fox, Netflix, Paramount and Sony.

Fable Studio’s “South Park” AI episode (Photo courtesy of Fable)

“We started talking with [the studios] about how do you actually let fans make episodes of shows using AI,” founder Edward Saatchi told TheWrap.


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