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Stephen Hawking Rips Donald Trump Supporters as ‘Lowest Common Denominator’ (Video)

Even the British theoretical physicist can’t explain Trump’s political rise

Stephen Hawking might be the smartest man on the planet, but he couldn’t explain Donald Trump’s political rise to “Good Morning Britain.”

“I can’t,” Hawking said on the British TV show. “He is a demagogue, who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator.”

Hawking joins British Prime Minister David Cameron and London Mayor Sadiq Khan among the prominent British public figures to speak out regarding Trump.

During the interview, Hawking pivoted from politics to shoot down a suggestion that actor Eddie Redmayne‘s Oscar-winning portrayal of him in the 2014 movie “The Theory of Everything” has helped him gain popularity.

“I had many fans before Eddie Redmayne played me,” Hawking said.

Watch Hawking respond to the question about Trump at about 1:40 in the video above.