Streaming’s Side Hustle: 40% of Subscription Passwords Are Resold

”It’s not necessarily against the law, but against the service’s license agreement, which makes it a bit more complex to deal with,“ Red Points’ Sergei Garcia says

Americans are spending more than ever on streaming services, and many of them have found a way to subsidize their binge habit — by reselling their login information.

New survey results shared with TheWrap by Red Points, a firm that helps companies fight piracy and fraud, indicates this may be more common than you think, with 40% of surveyed U.S. adults saying they don’t just share streaming passwords but resell them. These covert password deals are especially popular among younger customers, with two-thirds of respondents ages 18 to 30 saying they pay to use someone else’s login info for at least one service.

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Sean Burch

Tech reporter • • @SeanB44