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Super Bowl: Viewer Gender Gap Is Narrowing

Attention Madison Avenue (and party planners), the Super Bowl TV audience has become more female

It may be time for Madison Avenue to reconsider all those car and beer ads run during the Super Bowl.

Sports Business Daily crunched Nielsen Media data and found that the divide between the number of women who watch the big game vs. men is getting smaller.

Last year, 54 percent of the roughly 111 million viewers who tuned in to watch the Packers and Steelers on Fox were men, compared to 46 percent women. 

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That compares with a 56 percent-male, 44 percent-female split in for the Steelers and Seahawks on ABC in 2006, Sports Business Daily notes, and a 51/43 male-to-female ratio for the Patriots and Rams on Fox in 2002.

That means the gap has narrowed from 14 percentage points to eight percentage points during the past decade.

Something for Hollywood to keep in mind when deciding which movies to advertise during the big game. "The Avengers," "John Carter" (above) and "G.I. Joe" sequel are among those movies that will get plugged in between the action on the field this year.