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What the Hell Is Netflix’s ‘Tamborine’? Here Are Some of the Best Guesses

From a teaser for Season 5 of ”Arrested Development“ to a choose-your-own adventure show

Netflix released a teaser (we think?) for “Tamborine” on Feb. 3 and ever since, users have been trying to figure out what the heck it is.

In the clip, several of the jingly musical instruments are seen playing in unison, floating in midair and generally making no sense until they crash to the ground. At the end, the video asks “Will you play?” Well, yes, probably, if you tell us what is going on here.

The premium streaming service has since released a second bizarre tease for “Tamborine,” which is a supercut of characters from different Netflix shows “listening” to the stirring noisemaker.

While Netflix has yet to reveal what this super top secret project is, people have theories and those theories are obviously all over reddit.

A major one from redditor aYearOfPrompts, is that “Tamborine” is a choose-your-own adventure show for adults, similar to the ones the streaming service already has for kids.

Another theory is that this is somehow an elaborate promo for Season 5 of “Arrested Development,” which they have been teasing for way too long. Why? Oh, cause it’s actually spelled tambourine, but if they were making a reference to star Jeffrey Tambor, well, then, that makes sense (kinda).

Of course other people think Netflix is already gearing up for its next April Fool’s joke, as they’ve gotten pretty good at them in the past. And then there are the “Sense8” fans who try and make everything about the upcoming “Sense8” finale special.

Watch the teasers for “Tamborine” above and below and check out even more theories here.

“Tamborine” is apparently “coming soon” to Netflix.