TLC Sets a Date With Sarah Palin, Unveils Polygamy Reality Show

TLC announced a start date for Sarah Palin’s travelogue and showed off its new “plural family” of reality stars

Last Updated: August 5, 2011 @ 3:28 PM

TLC announced its final plans for former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin — and unveiled a polygamy reality show — at the annual TCA summer press tour Friday.

A start date was announced for the travelogue "Sarah Palin's Alaska," which will premiere on the network Nov. 14. TLC President Eileen O'Neill also said that "Kate Plus Eight" star Kate Gosselin will guest on the show.

Gosselin will fish for salmon and go hiking with the conservative politician.

TLC also unveiled its new seven-episode reality series "Sister Wives," which features the polygamous family of advertising executive Kody Brown.

Brown has three wives– Janelle, Christine and Meri. The trio says they are "fundamentalist Mormons." To avoid trouble with the law, Brown is married to only one of the women.

"Sister Wives" debuts on TLC in September.