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‘The Daily Show’ Roasts the Homes (and Personalities) of Quarantining Media People (Video)

Protip: Don’t keep a framed portrait of yourself

Since almost everyone in television news media is quarantining — and filming their shows — remotely, Americans have experienced an unexpected side effect of coronavirus: Sudden, intimate familiarity with how media figures decorate their homes.

And on Wednesday’s “The Daily Show,” correspondent Dulcé Sloan took a break from freaking out about the constancy of grim COVID-19 news to roast these homes — and their owners. Hey, we all gotta do something to stay sane.

In the clip, Sloan explains that she started muting the news because the actual content freaked her out to much. (We feel that – we’re definitely having the same problem.) And that’s when she noticed what she says is “the worst version of ‘Cribs.'” So she went through a list of some very prominent TV personalities and explained why their homes need a vaccine against tackiness.

Some examples:

Anderson Cooper, who has a lot of visible books in his office: “He looks like he lives in a real life game of ‘Clue.’ He doesn’t need to be worried about Corona, he needs to be worried about Colonel Mustard in the kitchen with a candlestick.”

MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt, who has her books organized by color: “Why? For what? She looks like she’s live streaming from inside Pinterest,” Sloan joked. “How does that even work? ‘Hmm, what should I read tonight? How about something blue.'”

CNBC’s Steve Liesman, who keeps what looks like a Grateful Dead poster in his office: “Nice poster,” Sloan said. “Slow down, cool dad, don’t smoke all the weed.”

CNN’s Chris Cillizza: “Wait, does this guy have a framed picture of himself?” asked Sloan. (Yes, he does.) “Or maybe he’s the picture that comes with the frame. His whole vibe is kind of the picture that comes with the frame.”

There’s more, and you can watch the whole thing above. Also, uh, stay inside everyone.