‘The Daily Show’ Compares Trump’s Project 2025 Denial to the White House Denying Biden’s Parkinson’s Appointments | Video

“It almost would have been better to just make something up like ‘Joe and Jill and Dr. Parkinsons are in a throuple,'” Desi Lydic jokes

The White House denying Joe Biden’s Parkinson’s checkup and Donald Trump acting clueless about Project 2025 are apparently one in the same, according to “The Daily Show.”

Cohosts Desi Lydic and Jordan Klepper took the time to bash both candidates and their “desperate” attempts to ignore public concerns on Tuesday’s episode.

The Comedy Central duo went in on both parties, starting with Trump, who has been acting oblivious to the infamous Project 2025 plan recently. For anyone who isn’t aware, “Project 2025 is a 900-page blueprint for Donald Trump’s second term. It’s basically conservative fan fiction, which could very well become fan reality,” Lydic said.

Despite his own team appearing to be behind it, Trump previously posted he “knows nothing about Project 2025” on his Truth Social page.

Although, neither Lydic nor Klepper are buying into the former president’s denial.

“The people behind Project 2025 were some of Donald Trump’s top aids, but apparently its getting a little too controversial for Trump now, because he’s running away from it like a disabled veteran who wants a selfie” Lydic noted.

“Every tweet is like a Cheesecake Factory menu, you know? There’s something for everybody. And he doesn’t mind if it’s full of contradictions,” Klepper joked.

The conversation then pivoted away from the former president to the current one, who has also been under fire lately. There is growing concern surrounding Biden’s physical and mental ability to handle another term.

The concern was heightened after a recent discovery that a Parkinson’s doctor visited the White House eight times in eight months. However, it was reported that only one of those appointments was actually for Biden. Still, when asked about it, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to confirm or deny.

“It just makes it look like you’re hiding something. It almost would have been better to just make something up, like, ‘Joe and Jill and Dr. Parkinsons are in a throuple.’ I mean, do you want the youth vote or not?” Lydic joked.

To wrap up the segment, the pair phoned in comedian and fellow correspondent Michael Kosta, who impersonated a White House analyst to answer their questions.

“The White House can’t drop concerning information and then be angry when the media tries to report on it,” Lydic said to Kosta, who replied, “Biden’s fine, but even if he isn’t, which he is, the White House has a great medical staff with lots of spare organs.”

Watch the full “The Daily Show” segment, above.


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