Tyler Oakley Teases ‘Snervous’ Doc Revealing ’80 Percent of Stuff I Would’ve Never Put Out There’ (Video)

The YouTube star stopped by TheWrap to talk about his touring doc, his busy year and how he got the idea for “Snervous”

Tyler Oakley reveals all in “Snervous,” a documentary that follows the YouTube star as he goes on tour, hitting the stage wearing onesies and high heels. At first, Oakley was a little snervous himself to bare it all on camera.

“There is 80 percent of stuff that I would have never put out there,” Oakley told TheWrap about what his documentary captured. “But it makes it better, I think!”

This weekend “Snervous” hits theaters, where Oakley’s 4.81 million Twitter followers and 7.8 million YouTube subscribers can see him, his mother and his friends in action. But while the film is mostly aimed at his existing fan base, he hopes to get people who might not be familiar with his work interested in the movie as well.

“As much as it’s totally for a super fan that’s seen every video to see a new side of me, it’s also for anybody that’s like, ‘What is this? What is going on in pop culture that people are watching strangers online share their lives, going to tours, reading their books? Let me understand what’s going on.’” He said. “Even if people don’t have any clue who I am, I think it’s totally watchable and enjoyable as entertainment, and also kind of fascinating to see what actually happens as an internet person.”

The idea for “Snervous” came about during his first tour, which was slumber-party themed. Oakley said he had seen documentaries from Katy Perry and One Direction and thought, “They have such a cool scrapbook of their time on the road; someday you’ll look back on it and say, ‘Remember when I did that?’”

And “Snervous” was born, a word that is formed by two other words: scared and nervous.

“It perfectly encapsulates what this year’s been about,” he said. “It’s about oversharing, sharing the things I’ve never wanted to put out into the world before and never really been ready to do, and being scared and nervous to do it.”