Watch Seal Get Swallowed Whole by Giant Shark (Video)

Seal as in the soulful singer of “Kiss From a Rose,” not seal as in the semi-aquatic marine mammal with big, sad eyes

Sharks don’t usually eat humans, but they do like a tasty seal every now and then, which poses the question: would they eat Seal the singer-songwriter? According to Discovery’s new Shark Week promo, the answer to that would be yes.

The creative agency AV Squad did their magic in preparation for Discovery’s Shark Week, which begins Sunday, July 23. They put Grammy-winning singer Seal on a jetty to perform his hit song “Kiss From a Rose.” He’s belting it out and fans are loving it, when out of the water comes the biggest, nastiest looking shark you’ve ever. And it’s in need of a snack.

Watch the video above, and be prepared to gasp.