‘Deadpool’ Teaches Men How to Check for Testicular Cancer in Viral PSA (Video)

“Hold each of your man berries — or as I like to call them, Smooth Criminals,” star Ryan Reynolds says in character

Last Updated: January 29, 2016 @ 11:33 AM

The latest viral marketing effort for “Deadpool” just might save some lives on top of giving viewers a good laugh.

Ryan Reynolds put on his red spandex costume to make a testicular cancer PSA called “Touch Yourself Tonight,” which features the sarcastic Marvel superhero detailing how men can check their private parts for “the most common form of cancer in men aged between 15 and 35.” 

Since being released on Thursday, it has amassed over 954,000 views on YouTube.

“It’s time to fight back,” Reynolds says in character. “Hold each of your man berries — or as I like to call them, Smooth Criminals. In turn, between your thumb and fingers, give them a gentle roll around. Don’t get too excited, though. You’re on a mission.”

Watch the video above for the full demonstration.

No, Reynolds doesn’t free his Smooth Criminals to intimately walk viewers through the process, but there are sufficient graphics that should help clear up any questions that arise during the superhero’s monologue.

Twentieth Century Fox is releasing “Deadpool” in theaters on Feb. 12.


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