Ted Danson Will Solve Your ‘CSI’ Crimes Now

He'll take over for Laurence Fishburne as the supervisor on the CBS hit

Ted Danson has joined CBS' aging but still thriving procedural "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," filling the lead role created when Laurence Fishburne clocked out last month.

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The multiple Emmy-winning former "Cheers" stud will play the new supervisor for the grave shift, said the network. The character has yet to be given a name. (Our suggestion: Mr. Cornelius Satchmo Ignatius, who frequently says, "That's Mr. C.S.I. to you, sweetheart.")

Danson's HBO comedy "Bored to Death," which returns in the fall, has not yet been renewed for a fourth season. But Danson will remain a series regular if it does.

Danson's first "C.S.I." episode will be the 12th-season premiere, which CBS has set for September 21 at 10 p.m.

That's also when the clock starts counting down to the inevitable John Ratzenberger-as-a-corpse cameo.