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A ‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Edited Together This Impressive Season 6 Trailer (Video)

White Walkers, Dothraki marches, and lots of battles are included in this fan trailer made from ”Game of Thrones“ promo footage.

With “Game of Thrones” on everyone’s mind as Sunday’s season premiere draws closer, fans are coming up with their own ways to add to the hype.

YouTube user ControvT has grabbed all the promo clips HBO has dropped here and there in the run-up to the new season and created his own trailer. The clips include Tommen marching in full royal regalia, Jorah Mormont in exile, and the White Walkers continuing their march from the north.

It’s an impressive trailer, starting slow until it crescendos into a flurry of faces before the title card appears. Among the owners of those faces are a world-weary Cersei, a blind Arya, and a dirty Daenerys marching with the Dothraki. Of course there are battle scenes too, and it seems that the hated Ramsay Bolton is about to ride out and quench his thirst for blood and suffering once again.

The new season premieres this Sunday at 9/8c on HBO.