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James Corden, Billy Eichner Turn Adele’s ‘Hello’ Into Incredible Halloween Anthem (Video)

CBS host is the loneliest Chewbacca in the galaxy

Internet, you can stop with all those Adele “Hello” parodies now — James Corden and Billy Eichner just won the unofficial contest.

“A Lonely Halloween” premiered Thursday night on “The Late Late Show.” The spoof features Corden as a lonely Chewbacca who just wants his Han Solo (Eichner) trick-or-treating partner back.

Unfortunately, Eichner is now a family man — and a cow. And the udder (see what we did there?) disappointment’s got no time for the CBS host’s childhood foolishness.

“Hello-ween, it’s me/I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to trick-or-treat,” Corden begins belting out, speaking to Eichner on the only mobile phone older than Adele’s flip-phone from the actual “Hello” music video.

“No more doorbells, to ring/I’m too grown up these days for costumes — and I ain’t doing sweets,” Eichner responds.

The lyrical and vocal greatness goes on from there. We won’t type more out, because you really need to see the video.

Midway, Eichner takes his anger out on a bunch of pumpkins, while Corden’s Chewbacca just cries a bunch — which is a nightmare given all the make-up.

The duo eventually rekindle their friendship and go get some candy as “Star Wars” BFFs once again.

Watch the video above.