Aaron Sorkin Backstage at the Oscars: Zuckerberg’s ‘a Good Sport’

“The Social Network” screen scribe heaps praise on his muse after nabbing a trophy.

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With his win for Best Adapted Screenplay at Sunday's Oscars, it's Aaron Sorkin's moment to shine. But the 'West Wing' creator was quick to give credit to someone else backstage after collecting his trophy for "The Social Network."

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, the subject of the movie that earned him his trophy — and spared him no mercy.

"I think he’s been an awfully good sport about this I don’t think there’s anybody here who’d want a movie to be made about the things they did when they were 19 years old," Sorkin said. "My hat's off to Mark."

Sorkin also admitted that the acclaim that has been heaped on "The Social Network" has been a bit intimidating.

"I’ll be very candid with you," he said. "Since the movie came out and got the kinda critical reaction that it’s gotten … I feel very hyper aware that the thing I write next is gonna be the thing I wrote after 'The Social Network.'"