‘View’s’ Whoopi Goldberg on Homer Simpson Leaving Marge for Lena Dunham: ‘What About a Sister?’ (Video)

“The Simpsons” upcoming marriage-trouble plot twist stirs strong emotions on ABC talk show panel

“The View” hosts were torn up on Tuesday over Homer and Marge Simpson’s legal separation, which is expected on the fall season premiere.

The September episode will see Homer leaving Marge for his pharmacist, who is played by Lena Dunham.

But if the animated patriarch has to step out on his devoted blue-haired wife, the ABC talk show hosts would prefer that he mix it up in his romantic entanglements.

“What the hell?” Whoopi Goldberg reacted to the news. “Homer, what about a sister? In the time that I’ve seen you, I’ve never seen you with a black woman. Or maybe Marge is just a light-skinned sister and they haven’t said it.”

“Kudos to the producers for after 26 seasons, coming up with creative storylines,” guest host Brooke Anderson of “ET” added. “And I think you’re right — a sister in the future, that could be a good storyline.”

Another panelist suggested: “Or a guy.”

“I think it’s hilarious that Homer left Marge for his side piece, his jump off,” Rosie Perez concluded.

Watch the video.