Adam Carolla Shares Proud Parenting Moment With Jimmy Kimmel: ‘Daddy, What’s a Kardashian?’ (Video)

Kimmel’s former “Man Show” co-host is ready to move to Amish Country to preserve his son’s innocence

Adam Carolla stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Monday to reunite with an old buddy and plug a new project — but he also took the opportunity to teach his tagalong son a valuable lesson.

“During the monologue, he just turns to me at a certain point with a child’s innocence, and he says, ‘Daddy, what’s a Kardashian?'” Carolla recalled, as the camera panned to his boy Sonny. “And I thought, ‘I’m dipping you in liquid nitrogen and we’re moving to Amish Country, right now.”

The world’s biggest podcaster continued his rant: “Wouldn’t that be awesome, to live a life…?”

“Where you never knew,” Kimmel finished his sentence, like the old partners they are.

Later, the former “Man Show” hosts shared old stories and how summer vacations have completely changed since when they were kids.

Carolla was not only hanging out with his one-time radio and Comedy Central collaborator, he was advertising new book “Daddy, Stop Talking” — his fourth literary offering. The “Adam Carolla Show” host’s last three books all made the New York Times Best Seller lists.

Watch the video above.