Grab a Tissue and Watch Boston Fans Give Adam Jones a Standing Ovation (Video)

Warm reception for the visiting player comes one day after fans at Fenway hurled racial slurs at African-American Orioles centerfielder

Thousands of Boston Red Sox fans making amends for the actions of few lone dummies is the sweetest video you’ll watch today.

On Tuesday, Baltimore Orioles centerfielder Adam Jones received a standing ovation from the notoriously tough Fenway Park faithful. On Monday, the visiting player had peanuts and racial slurs thrown at him — but a difference a day makes.

Sox fans weren’t the only ones pulling a classy move last night: Boston pitcher Chris Sale left the mound and walked around the infield to allow his home fans to acknowledge Jones. Sale’s right fielder Mookie Betts — who implored Boston fans to show some love to Jones — removed his cap and applauded the moment.

Watch the nice reception he received via the video above.

Earlier Tuesday afternoon, “Captain America” star Chris Evans — a lifelong Sox fan who hails from Boston — called for a “lifetime ban” for the “disgusting” behavior of the offender or offenders.

The Red Sox publicly apologized for the fan’s behavior yesterday, and Boston’s mayor condemned the incident as “unacceptable & shameful.”