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Adam Sandler Got Frisky with … Elmo?! (Video)

The comedian and "Jack & Jill" star tells David Letterman about his accidental romp with the little red guy

First, let us assure you: When you read that headline and see the word “video,” we are not suggesting that you’re about to see a clip of Adam Sandler doing anything untoward with everyone’s favorite “Sesame Street” Muppet.

But, as the “Jack & Jill” star shared with David Letterman during his movie-pimping stop at “The Late Show” last night, it is true that a romantic interlude with his wife  turned into an unfortunate experience between Sandler and Elmo.

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We’ll let Sandler relay the story himself in the video clip below, followed by another video clip of Sandler, guest-starring on “Sesame Street,” singing a song about, and with, yes, Elmo: